Sisterhood Award Nominees

Truth be told, I spent ages the other day putting together a post about the Kardashian  sisters, their topless ad and that crazy race car driver Kasey Kahne, who thought breastfeeding was gross and tweeted so. I’m a newbie blogger, I have no idea what happened but the post, images and all, vanished into cyber space. I decided to sit with that for a few days, maybe it was destiny.

And it was meant to be; Kardashians, Kahne-what a bunch of boobs! Forget about them!

I found a heart warming, amazing story about three adult sisters, who deserve  an award for sticking together. Tanya, Tara and Cassie’s mom should be really proud. Thru her own fertility treatment, Tanya learned that she cannot carry a pregnancy. Sister’s Tara and Cassie stepped forward and offered to be implanted with Tanya and her husband Dan’s embryos. This is no small feat!

From personal experience, I can tell you this involves piles of blood work, drugs, needles and probing ultrasounds.  Tara had the great fortune of becoming pregnant on the first try but Cassie had to persist a few months longer. They are both pregnant and due in April and July. Here’s hoping they’ve ruled out multiples 🙂

Some of us are snoopier than others, and for you, you know who you are 🙂 here is the link to Tanya’s picasa site.


One thought on “Sisterhood Award Nominees

  1. Leslie says:

    um would you be referring to me as a snoop? Love seeing this mix of sisterhood & fertility, two things dominating my life right now.

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