Sisters in the News

These sisters are in big trouble. The Costa Concordia ran aground when her partying crew steered her recklessly in January. Now her sister ship, the Costa Allegra had an engine room fire which resulted in her drifting in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Somalia.

Costa Allegra

I’m not a big fan of cruising, it will never be on my bucket list but I hope things begin to look up for these sisters.  The company says they had a team of  Navy Seals on board to protect against pirate attacks. I feel certain that they are really hired to protect the captain. You know, so someone doesn’t toss him overboard when the entire ship loses power and  drifts along with the ocean current. This is why I can’t cruise, my control “issues” would lead me to lead a mutiny.



One thought on “Sisters in the News

  1. Leslie says:

    Yep no desire to cruise either!! Especially with any threat of pirates. I think my husband would feel differently though.

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