Rule #1 – Your sister is always your sister

“Friends will come and go but your sister is always your sister.” -My Mom

Mom hammered this line into our head repeatedly while growing up. It had a variety of applications but the one I remember most is the “maid of honour clause”. Before we even dated, mom informed us that it was not wise to choose a friend as a maid of honour. Things can happen with friends; friends move, friends fail you and most friendships don’t last a lifetime. As the school kids we were, marriage was the last thing on our minds and we felt confident our friends would always be there.

Mom persevered  and she developed a strategy to help us avoid the deep regret of having to look upon wedding photos that include outdated friends. Having your sister  as a maid of honour was the answer to the dilemma of passing friendships. She assigned all three of us a sister to serve as maid of honour to avoid future skirmishes.

My mom was right, “Friends will come and go, but your sister will always be your sister.”  This relationship we three share  is equal parts cheer leader, emergency services and 411. Are we friends? No! We have friends but they come and go, remember?  We are simply devoted to one another and every thing in our lives spring boards from that centre we share. For the record, we did all get married and one of us still has her grade school friend.